Kite School in Varadero
escuelas cayo guillermo
What this course is we talking about ?

Fase 1

3 hours course: wind theory, explanation of the importance of the direction and influence in this sport. Trainig in the beach with a little kite of 2 or 3 meter. You will see and learn how to control the kite pulling the bar with your hands. We will show you how to prepare a kite (inflable one) and how lines have to be to launch the kite.


Fase 2

6-8-10 hours Course: After fase 1 you start to train with a real kite (size depending from the wind) in the water, using an Harness to use the body weight and make mayor force on the kite. In the water, after train in the beach the control and force of the kite, you will try the "Body drag" to start to feel how moving the kite it will give you the first impulse to move in one or another direction. Once you learn to control the kite force and direction you are ready to try to start with a board in your feet going off at first and coming back after, just moving your kite in a directon or another.


Fase 3

8-10 hours Course: when you are ok with the water start on the board, you have to train to go and come back. It is hard but it is just experience, come back in the same place as the wind try to move you "Downwind". This can take few or more hours depending on your skills and body shape.

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